02 September, 2017

'Nafi now we celebrate, oh oh oh'

Nafi Thiam has celebrated her fantastic season with the Belgian public at the AG Memorial Van Damme. At the end of the night Belgian hiphop star Coely performed an homage to the world heptathlon champion. Nafi and Coely are each other’s fans.

Thiam, the reigning world and Olympic champion on the heptathlon, took part in the high jump event in Brussels, placing fourth with 1.88m. 

“After a well-deserved vacation I can’t be disappointed abut my performance,” said Thiam, who cleared 1.88m at the second attempt but couldn’t find a way past 1.91m. 

“The AG Memorial Van Damme went as expected. I was looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere in Brussels and I wanted to celebrate my season with the Belgian public. After my world title I took a month-long vacation. This was all I could do, so I’m satisfied with my performance.

“Before I start training again in October I will tak another six weeks to rest. In two weeks the new academic year will start again. I am into my third bachelor year in geography. After that I’ll be 25 years old. That sounds like the ideal age to fully focus on athletics. 

“I will keep working and training. If in the meantime I can motivate people to exercise and make the sport of athletics bigger, then that’s even better!" 


After her sportive performance in the King Baudouin Stadium Thiam enjoyed a musical performance by Coely, who adapted the lyrics of her breakout hit single 'Celebrate’ for Thiam. The chorus 'Momma now we celebrate, oh oh oh' turned into 'Nafi now we celebrate, oh oh oh'. The crowd sang along with lots of enthusiasm while Nafi thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful homage.